Bad Barbie ©

November 13, 2010

Bad Barbie cut her golden hair
Kicked out Ken, began to swear,
Took to drinking coke with rum
Ate too much sat on her bum.
Shopped on line, friends soon lost touch
She felt depressed and smoked too much.

Bad Barbie lost her job again
Divorce came through, goodbye Ken,
Next she sold her wedding dress
Her pink house soon became a mess.
So she swapped her crystal shoes
For another crate of booze.

Bad Barbie sold her cool pink car
The pink piano and guitar!
But being broke again she’d wail
Then spied a fluffy bunny tail.
It came with ears and gloves you see
A playboy girl she strived to be.

Bad Barbie got a job just right
Dancing ’round a pole all night,
Serving drinks for flat green tips
While swaying her abundant hips.
Her pink lips swelled and turned bright red
While feathering the money bed.

Bad Barbie now prefers black lace
With lots of make up on her face,
She cut the smokes and drinks a bit
As with the guys she’s such a hit.
Now she has a wealthy man, it’s true!
I think I heard her call him ‘Hugh’.

Author: Berni Mac

© Oct. 2010

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