Delia in the Attic ©

June 21, 2013


When Delia died she disappeared

From mouth and mind

Passing away into the past,

The collective family memory

Described Delia as ‘distant’.


Mr Delia remained alone a year or so

Then joined Delia in death.

As my in-laws became my out-laws

I climbed to the attic

To perform a purge of unwanted memories

Surprisingly, I discovered Delia.

In an old travel chest

Covered in dead dust motes,

I found her in travel diaries and little notes

In old photos

I found her wearing furs,

Posing in exotic places

Surrounded by smiling friends.

So I pulled Delia from the past

Sitting for some hours in the attic

Soaking up her stories,

She was neither ‘odd’ nor ‘distant’

She was wonderful.

In another time and place

We were surely friends.

Silently, I mourned her for some moments

Then lifted a small cheap charm bracelet

From the old chest

That once atypically adorned Delia’s wrist,

To bring her around the world

For one more whirl.

©Author Berni Mac

March 2012

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