She Lies on Pearls ©

March 30, 2013


She Lies on Pearls

Who would think his lingering
Over a glass of water
Would catch her eye?
Who would think his fingering
Through a small book of fiction
Would make her sigh?

As he stroked the beads
Like diamonds down to the stem,
He led her mind to form
An image of being ‘them’.
While She,
She lies on pearls
In the softness of satin,
Waiting for the dew of morning
While He,
He reads a book of fiction.

Sliding his soft fingertips
Lovingly between the pages,
Turning each leaf
With care and gentleness.
Smoothly slipping his hands
Beneath each paper sheet,
To lift it, curl it
To see the other side.
Each unblemished page
Becomes then read
While She,
She lies upon a string of pearls
Unbidden, unhidden,
Each abandoned limb
Waiting patiently for ‘Him’.

©Author Berni Mac

March 2012

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