Beside the Muslin Drapes ©

December 26, 2012

Beside the Muslin Drapes

We listened to him singing

Beside the muslin drapes,

Butt cheeks clinging

To the teak sill.

Digits dizzy dancing

On six taut strings,

Fingers flying

Young hearts sighing;

Old dreams dying

In the building of the awe.

Oh! to breathe the same breath

Taste the same sacred air,

As this young singer

With the dark dark hair.

The young man swayed there

Legs bouncing to the beat,

Of his own sound

On his own street.

You’d travel far

To find one such as he;

While we

The lucky few,

Sat on squishy sofas

Feeling love anew.

We clapped

Hearts brimming,

We cried

Eyes swimming.

He sang from the heart

To the hearts,

Tore tears from the rims;

While words fell

Words failed,

Tears dropped

Penny dropped

Curtain fell.

©Author Berni Mac

December 2012

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