Arthur and Mildred ©

December 10, 2012

They discussed the merits of crisps

Arthur kneeling beside Mildred,

Mildred sitting in a wheelchair

At the end of the ‘snacks’ aisle.

Mildred licked her plentiful lipstick

Fingered the copious oils

In her faded coils,

Cheese and onion chosen.

The wheelchair was wheeled

To the frigid Frigidaire aisle,

Mildred complained of the chill.

So the wheelchair was wheeled

To the ‘bread and cake’ aisle,

Mildred breathed in deeply

Basking in the feast

Of fresh baked yeast.

She smiled as she smelled

The current of currants.

Then they discussed bread

And what should be spread,

On it, in it, between it.

Arthur complied

He never denied

Mildred anything,

Arthur knew.

It’s the little things

That matter,

When your world shrinks

And your body sinks

Into a wheeled chair.

©Author Berni Mac

December 2012

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