Love You to Death ©

October 31, 2012

When the mourning morning mist

Wraps it’s slender fingers
Around the crooked trees,
I see her perfect shape
A shape so lovely
Dark against the rushes.
Walking through the rushes
Head held low,
Hands reaching
Out to swaying grasses.
I was only Twelve
Just twelve tender years,
When I first saw
Your sunshine hair
Your smiling eyes of sky.
In a dress of rainbows
In the art room,
The best school room
In existence.
I was just eighteen,
Eighteen wizened
Tortured years;
When I last saw
Your face move.
In sunshine smiles
Your skies all shut,
Veiled in blood soaked hair
In a crimson dress
Wrapped in the earth.
Beneath my hands
No sighs,
No smiles,
No smell of paint
Or crayons.
I always shiver
When I see you,
Oh so lovely
As dark shadows
In the mourning morning mists
Before I wake.

©Author Berni Mac

October 2012

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