Kisses on Your Face ©

December 3, 2010

I believe in real love I believe in you
I believe in our love, and everything you do,
I believe that mountains you would move for me
I believe, that all you say is really true.

You’re the one, the only one that holds my love
You are the one, the one that I desire,
I feel your love surround me everywhere I go
Everywhere I go you lift me higher.

I just can’t tell you, how deep this really goes
I just haven’t found a way to measure,
Just how much you mean, and why I should suppose
That in your love I’ve found the greatest treasure.

I’m locked into your eyes
I’m locked into your heart,
I’m locked into your arms
Been locked there from the start.

The only task I need to do is cross the sea
Across the sea so blue to you I’ll fly,
And when I fly into your arms that day my love
I’ll fill your face with kisses and I’ll cry.

You’re the one, the only one I’ll ever love
You are the one, the only one for me,
And when we stand together, wrapped up in our love
We’ll know that this is life as it should be.

We’re locked into our soul
We’re locked into our skin,
We’re locked into our life
We both feel this deep within.

The smell of your sweet skin, the tingle of your touch
Your laughing eyes like stars that brightly shine,
I miss you so my love, I miss you oh so much
Simply dreaming of you near is just divine.

So tonight when you stretch, your fingers out to mine
As I gladly reach across and stretch to you,
We know it’s just an image, but that’s really fine
‘Cos every fibre of our love is passing through.

Passing through the air
Passing through that space,
Caresses in my hair
And kisses on your face.

Author: Berni Mac

© Dec.  2010

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