Soul, Body, Mind ©

November 28, 2010

He always knew we’d reach this place, no choice,
Mind, body, soul,
He said it weeks ago
I heard it in his voice.
I didn’t understand
I chided him, he stayed
I didn’t shelter from his rain,
Allowing it to pour on me
All sweet again,
And again.

I caught up on him just once before,
Not all, just partly to my mind.
He said it was his fault you see
That I stayed so far behind.

But he never once gave up on us
As from troughs to peaks we’d climb,
I know he’ll never let me fall
Body, soul, mind.
Last night, I caught up once again
The fog cleared for me to find,
I saw us what we are right now
Soul, body, mind…

Author: Berni Mac

© April  2010

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