Inferiority Complex ©

November 28, 2010

Do you feel inferior to me?
I think you may,
I don’t know why
But just today…

You told me your house is just so grand,
A beautiful ring weighs down your hand.
Simply divine are your hand-stitched shoes,
Your can live wherever you should chose.

Does what I have look so great to you,
That it makes you say the things you do?
Would you like to sit here in my seat,
Shall I move along, admit defeat?

What is it you want when you say ‘Hi’,
Mislead, allude, declare or imply?
It’s a shallow world where you pretend,
To embrace yet empty greetings send.

Well, you’ve flashed your perfect teeth at me,
With a big wide smile to let me see.
Such bright white pearls, but… to my surprise,
That red-edged smile never reached your eyes.

They didn’t sparkle with happiness,
You must have settled for so much less;
Than what you first imagined you would,
When you moved near me and felt you should…

…Just tell me again how great you are,
Your lovely children, your brand new car.
What’s that? You’re a star on the telly!
I should see the scar for your new belly?

Do you feel inferior to me?
I think you may,
I didn’t before
But since today…

Author: Berni Mac

© Nov. 2010

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