Real Lovers Never Lie ©

November 25, 2010

Don’t lie to your lover,
For once your lover lies
The pieces of your future
Are shattered
Never to be gathered
In one place again.
Whisper your secrets
Like naughty stories
Intoxicate them with your glories,
With truth
And love
And promises of rapture,
Allow your love to capture
The pieces of your heart.
The wishes you retain
The reasons you remain,
Enfold them in your arms.
Deeply kiss
Never miss,
One heartbeat
One dream they share with you
They’re giving you the view
Into their soul.
Make them whole
By giving
All your loving,
Days of pleasure
Never measure
Their fortitude.
Yet most of all
Just hold them,
Your love’s forever
So don’t just try.
Never ever,
Never lie…

Author: Berni Mac

© Sept. 2010

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