The Road to Agra ©

November 24, 2010

We searched for the whitest temple of love on the road to Agra,
A marble homage inspired from above on the road to Agra.

My child, my life I nearly lost, a journey with a heavy cost,
My husband’s love met it’s end, near the end of the road to Agra.

Before the dawn, before the light, ruling the sky the hand of night,
We rose before the warm sun so bright on the long road to Agra.

Sweet scent of jasmine filled the air, those fields of blossom everywhere,
The journey was long we talked, we dozed on the sad road to Agra.

Then all at once a lorry swayed, as Mohan swerved i’m sure he prayed,
We’ll never know as Mohan died, on that fatal road to Agra.

Lost love, lost life, lost property, least of all was his love for me,
Should I weep and mourn what was not to be on the road to Agra?

A seed within my womb that day, was there, then gone, it slipped away,
I shall now set free what was meant to be on that road to Agra.

To him these words I’ll never take, the loss would surely his heart break,
Why make a man bear more or speak, once more of the road to Agra.

Author: Berni Mac

© Nov. 2010

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